New graduates. Are they ready for the challenges and first job?

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According to World Economic Forum report, talent is the key to success in a digital future,

“technology is relatively easy to come by; it is talent that is often the limiting factor”.

When technological innovation is transforming education, and updating the skills required for the contemporary workplace how we can support new graduates to be success?

Based on Harvard Business Review report, “college degree programs simply cannot keep pace with how fast things are changing in the workforce. Many students are currently being prepared for jobs that no longer exist, and many don’t have the right skills for the job they want. Skills gaps are prevalent and widening”.

Our work becoming more and more automated from one side, from another side more and more employers are going to require exceptional soft skills — the ability to write, listen, and communicate effectively.

We can observe that that new graduates are well-qualified to bridge their own skill gaps. They perfectly understand that they need to build career through different roles, industries and they are motivated to keep moving forward.

To support new graduates and equip them with a mix of practical soft skills (effective communications, teamwork, adaptability etc.) which can help them to  optimize their career success, and prepare for decision-making responsibilities from day one, we launched new program “New Grads transforming future which we will run in 2020.

Additionally, we will give free access to our soft skills webinars as well as will run free live programs to support new grades and help them to build professional future and be success.

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