One-on-One Customised Coaching for Founders

We work together (usually under NDA) with Founders to improve the quality of the relationship between co-founders or family members (building on trust, transparency and honesty); we also provide guidance and full coaching support to help Founders achieve long-term goals.

Familial bonds

We help to preserve and develop healthy relationships and communication habits, as well as to propose ways to manage conflict situations between family members while respecting family business values.

Generation Bridge

We provide “deep dive” facilitation – as mediator, we support both sides and build a strong bridge between generations to prepare the next generation for business takeover, develop interpersonal communication skills and manage succession planning.

Leadership for Success

This program helps leaders communicate effectively so they can spark action in others. The course supports Leaders with the key Interaction Essentials they need to better handle the variety of challenges and opportunities they encounter every day in the workplace and beyond.

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