Soft skills training sets

More and more jobs are being replaced by AI, while higher and higher standards are being expected of frontline and service-oriented roles. Whether you are a salesperson, legal advisor or financial partner, your company and clients expect a high level of soft skills development. Our training program covers 10 critical skillsets to strengthen your soft skills: communication, teamwork, adaptability, problem-solving, creativity, work ethic (only available as a tailor-made session), interpersonal skills, time-management, leadership, attention to details.

Tailor-made programs

We listen to our clients and provide consultancy and services based on requests and needs. Most of our programs are tailor-made for each individual client. We also work together with clients to customize unique programs based on their values and culture; and work alongside our clients to achieve their long-term goals.


Women Leaders Program

We work with women in groups or individually to facilitate mentorship conversations, build confidence and inspiration, as well as encourage them to find their own direction as a Leader and achieve long-term goals.

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Young Talents-Skills Development Programs

We work with new graduates to equip them with a mix of practical soft skills (effective communications, teamwork, adaptability etc.) to optimize their career success, and prepare them for decision-making responsibilities from day one.


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